Nudge is a strong advocate for traineeships and learning opportunities, working with and consulting to governments, local entities, industries bodies and private corporations to ensure best possible outcomes local people and local communities across WA.

Nudge consulting provides agencies, government departments and private corporations with a unique perspective on community engagement outcomes, Aboriginal development commitments and training opportunities for policymaking, tender applications and strategic planning.

Nudge has a strong record of accomplishment and success of consulting to a range of organisations and agencies in WA;

Main Roads/Nudge Strategic Business Case: Aboriginal Employment Initiatives

In 2017, Main Roads WA recognised the need to improve opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses to participate on projects. Given the contract nature of their business, they recognised that they needed more information to achieve their aims, so they engaged Nudge to assist through a process of engagement to develop a Strategic Business Case.

Collaborating with the Aboriginal Employment Initiatives Taskforce Nudge played a key role in the development of the document. As part of the process, two participatory workshops were held, providing valuable input into the document and our future planning.


METRONET Gnarla Biddi Aboriginal Engagement Strategy

“The Nudge team provided the METRONET Office and PTA with strategic support in the development of our Aboriginal Engagement Strategy and helped us to commence its implementation with particular input into our Aboriginal Procurement and Aboriginal Employment engagement streams, as well as other corporate initiatives. This has included us seeking Nudge’s advice on local Aboriginal businesses and through their provision of mentoring and support for our employees and trainees.

We truly value Nudge’s expertise, approach and experience and look forward to continuing to work with them.”
Ken Aitchison, Strategy Coordinator – Aboriginal Engagement


Nudge expertise and unique perspective has proven valuable in a number of private and government tenders to highlight and address the implementation of training, Aboriginal engagement and learning development opportunities within projects in regional WA and Perth metro area.


If you would like to discuss how Nudge could provide insight and advice to your strategy, tender or professional development plans please contact Nudge for a confidential briefing on (08) 9323 6378