“Nudge supports young people and their employers to develop skills, confidence and aspiration.  We work in collaboration to navigate the traineeship, apprenticeship and workplace with a shared respect, informed cultural understanding and developed trust”

The one-on-one mentoring support for trainees/apprentices focuses on personal and professional support, to assist the trainees/apprentices to succeed in employment and move forward in their career path.

Nudge mentoring provides a flexible service that meets the needs of both the trainee/apprentice and the employer, it is open to all new and mature age trainee/apprentices working with both Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal trainees/apprentices.


Nudge Mentoring achieves the best possible outcomes of retention and completion for trainees/apprentices and employers.  We do this by

  • Providing mentoring for the entire length of the traineeship
  • Supporting both the trainee/apprentice and their employer
  • Enhancing the performance of the trainee whilst adding value to the business
  • Having a team of passionate, outcomes focused mentors who have experience of the traineeship journey
  • Utilising a pastoral care model which considers cultural, family and personal issues that can affect attendance, retention and completion of traineeships/apprenticeships. Whilst accessing all of the tools available to assist the individual to unlock their potential and reach their goals

“Nudge Mentoring is to encourage mentees to realise their full potential, to develop their skills, to improve their performance, to nurture holistic growth and enable them to become the person they want to be”


For info on how Nudge can provide mentoring and support to your trainees and employees please contact (08) 9323 6378.