Getting to know….Sharni Bennell, Clerical Trainee at Main Roads Bunbury

Sharni was discovered through the Nudge community engagement and recruitment process in October last year when Main Roads Bunbury asked us to assist them in finding a young person from the local area to take on a Clerical Traineeship. Nudge have been supporting Sharni, her supervisor and her mentor for the past 5 months and she has proven to be a wonderful employee and trainee and has really taken this opportunity and made the most of it.


We look forward to seeing Sharni complete her Certificate IV Business Administration traineeship successfully and be a role model for other young people looking towards a sustainable future.


We asked Sharni a few questions about her time with Main Roads so far and a few questions to get to know her a little better.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m 19 years old, born in Bunbury and grew up here. I have lots of family down here. I went to Bunbury Senior High School in year 8 then moved to Port Hedland with my aunty and uncle. I did until year 10 up there at Hedland Senior High School and decided it was time to move back home. I moved back to Bunbury and lived with my nan and pop where I completed year 11 and 12 at Manea Senior College.

  • What made you apply for this traineeship?

I had just completed a Certificate III Business Administration. I was handing out my resume everywhere however most jobs wanted 1 to 5 years’ experience which I had none of. I then came across the advertisement from Nudge about a traineeship at Main Roads in Bunbury. I thought it would be perfect to get my experience up and such a perfect career opportunity. I applied for it and lucky enough I was successful. During my time here it has been everything I thought and more. I can’t wait to see what the future at Main Roads has to bring.

  •  What’s the best thing you have worked on or been involved with during your traineeship so far?

I haven’t yet worked on one main thing as it is a very broad job, but I’ve been  lucky enough to go and see a few places that we had built such as bridges and roads, as well as going to a blasting on the new Margaret River Perimeter Road. It was such a great experience and was so good to go out and experience the behind the scenes part of what Main Roads do.

  • What would you say to other employers who are thinking about bringing more young people into their business- what will this traineeship do for your career/life?

I would say to other employees thinking about bringing young people into their business to do it. This traineeship has helped me further my knowledge and skills immensely and in the future it will help me get a secure job to start a secure life.

  •  What is your favourite family tradition?

My favourite family tradition is getting everyone together over a long weekend and going camping out on a damn. It is so much fun and there are so many laughs and stories that go around the camp fire.

  •  If you could travel to any place with no budget restrictions, where would you go and why?

I would go all around Australia. There is so much to see and do here.

  •  If you could splurge on 1 must-have item, what would it be?

A dream home.

  • If Do you have a favourite season and why?

I love summer because it is so much easier to get out of bed and I love going to the beach.





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