The Nudge Good News Series – Acacia Collard

As highlighted previously the Nudge mentors are doing a fantastic job adapting and reinventing how we engage in the current circumstances, respecting social distancing or mentoring remotely through virtual processes.

Nudge mentor, Acacia Collard is a Badimia Yamatji – Balladong Noongar woman who comes from two large and prominent families in Western Australia. Acacia has gained valuable community relations experience whilst working in the mining and energy sectors across Perth and the Pilbara.

Acacia recently did an amazing sand mural at Dumas House on Wednesday 27th May 2020 to kick start Reconciliation Week. Acacia’s contemporary Aboriginal artworks and designs regularly show her unique and exciting talent and reflect her connections to her Aboriginal heritage of which she feels very strongly about.

Link to mural and Acacias art

Acacia is passionate about supporting and increasing Indigenous engagement and employment. We asked Acacia a few questions regarding mentoring as well as what Reconciliation Week means to her:

1.What are the things that you enjoy re: Mentoring

I love seeing young people in the workforce. I enjoy seeing them achieving things they never thought they could by building their self confidence in a big scary work environment that at times can be quite intimidating. Showing their friends and family that it’s not that bad after all. To be able to guide and watch them on their journeys, knowing that they are becoming role models in their own families, that’s what gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

2.What are the challenges of mentoring?

It can be challenging at times when trainees lose focus of the end goal, but it is a part of my role to be able to keep them on track and engaged. The hardest part would be to see a trainee fully disengage before the completion of a traineeship!

3.How is mentoring going with current circumstances regarding COVID-19? How have you had to adapt?

Myself and the trainees have managed extremely well during this pandemic thanks to all the technology so readily available to us. A big credit goes to the trainees and their employers for getting through a tough stage especially at the very beginning of their traineeships where face to face catch ups are so important.

4.What does Reconciliation Week mean to you?

Although it is an ongoing journey, Reconciliation Week is a very important time to reflect and continue to champion what a reconciled Australia looks like. Reconciliation means ‘coming together’ so to support it means we all can overcome the inequality that we see in a lot of areas still today. I’d love to be able to see us as a nation finally ‘close the gap’.

For info on how Nudge can provide mentoring and support to your trainees and employees please contact (08) 9323 6378.

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