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At the recent Nudge Sundowner and Training Awards, Lynette was announced as the recipient of the Clerical Trainee of the Year Award for her efforts and dedication to her traineeship journey and her high calibre work output for her employer. A well-deserved recognition of the work she has done over the past 12 months.

Lynette Garlett commenced her traineeship and employment journey in December 2021 on the Leach Welshpool Alliance (LWA) project, undertaking a Business Support Traineeship.

Her bubbly, positive attitude, well-managed approach to multi-tasking her busy personal life and her desire to learn and develop professionally, saw her stand-out as the preferred trainee for the LWA project.

Cassandra Walding, Georgiou Aboriginal Coordinator, recently shared: “Lynette’s positive attitude, willingness to help and kind personality makes her a pleasure to work with. She is an asset to the entire team at the Leach Welshpool Alliance.”

Lynette over the past year has gone from strength to strength in her work responsibilities and the tasks that she is given. She looks for additional work, is conscientious, reliable and strives to gain personal development and growth in all that she does.

Lynette and the Georgiou team at the recent Nudge Sundowner and Training Awards.

Lynette has had the support of Matt Paki and Acacia Collard as Nudge Mentors, both speak highly of Lynette in her professional and personal capacities – “Her drive and determination is inspirational – even with challenges, she rises to the occasion and keeps pushing forward”. – Acacia Collard, Mentor.

The Nudge mentoring provided to trainees enables connection to flow in a supportive and nurturing way, creating a positive environment in which the sharing of personal skill development is both supported and embraced.

“Nudge mentors care about our trainees, we listen intently to their journeys, their challenges and adapt our mentoring support to their needs and requirements.  We value them as individuals and therefore see them as individuals.  Lynette has wholeheartedly embraced the mentoring and traineeship journey, remaining actively engaged throughout”, said Nudge Mentor, Matt Paki.

Once again congratulations to Lynette, we look forward to continuing to watch you excel within your future career.

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