Nudge Trainee Journey | July

The Nudge Trainee Journey (NTJ) is a monthly update that looks at the working-lives of the amazing trainees / apprentices. Each month we aim to highlight a different trainee / apprentice from various employers and industries and share their training journey, in their words. Nudge mentors will ask three questions to provide a snapshot into “trainee life” for those with aspirations or any interest in a traineeship.

  • What it is like to be a trainee?
  • What aspirations do trainees have after a traineeship is completed?
  • Can I be a trainee?

Nudge Trainee Journey highlights a young man who hails from the Moora region and lives and works in Perth:
– Name: Rain Newton-Bennett
– Age: 20 years old
– Apprenticeship: Mechanical Apprentice
– Employer: GFWA (WA)

Rain is a mechanical apprentice with GFWA. GFWA are a worldleader in geotechnical solutions and foundational works, with a wide range of services for the construction and civil space.

Rain has been on apprenticeship with GFWA for the past 13 months and works out of the Welshpool compound / offices.

Rain enjoys basketball, tinkering with cars and engines (he has a V8 Holden ute that he enjoys working on). Recently he shared his thoughts with Nudge mentor, Matt Paki.

Q1. What two things / aspects have you enjoyed the most about the work /apprenticeship, so far?

“The work environment with others, the mateship and guidance from experienced workers has been a highlight. Learning from leaders and workplace mentors, such as my boss Steve, has been great – I like to challenge and stretch myself.”

Q2. Your biggest challenge of the work / apprenticeship so far?
“I do find it difficult to retain some of the new skills I am taught and shown – it is something that I aim to work on, retaining what I’ve been shown and recalling that when required. Being the bigger person and stepping forward with confidence I find challenging at times, this is something that I want to get better at”.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
“In 5 years time, I want to be a qualified HD mechanic – I see it as opening doors to the world, in terms of work and opportunities, and to me that is exciting!

I’d also like to think that I’d be working towards owning my own house and home – I’d also love a fully functioning garage at my home, all of the tools, a hoist, lighting and the mod cons, all that is needed so that I can work on my own cars from home – now that would be sick!”. Rain Newton-Bennett (2021).

Thanks for reading our July edition of the NTJ.

Please check back at the end of August for a new NTJ coming soon!

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The Nudge Team

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