We work with small, medium and large companies, local councils and government agencies across WA. At our core the methods of service delivery we enact are quite simple: Sourcing the right people through community engagement; Preparing candidates with tailored work readiness training; Supporting employers and employees throughout the entire employment journey. However it’s the level of resources and time to make these areas work that are intensive and complex.
the right people through community engagement

We have a strong commitment to local community engagement and are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between industry and community needs. Our initial community engagement process incorporates demographic and native title research, community consultation and engagement as well as relationship development in the local area. This then flows into our candidate engagement and selection process.

candidates with work readiness training

We also firmly believe in the thorough preparation of people entering the workforce,  through the development of tailored, work readiness training delivered to the pool of candidates with as much employer participation as possible. This training can include accredited industry specific training, soft skills and other activities to speed up the recruitment process.

employers and employees

And most importantly we have a key focus on the retention of people in the workforce through comprehensive support strategies for the employee and the employer. We provide the most extensive level of support offered within industry to achieve high levels of retention for your business including support for the project team and broader organisation staff, buddy programme, workplace wellbeing for the employee (including mentoring) and an Aboriginal Employee Assistance Programme (one on one coaching).