Making Traineeships work. For young people. For employers

In March 2022 Nudge partnered with the City of Rockingham  to work together to create a Youth Employment Program (YEP).  The City  had a vision of creating a workforce for the future by tapping into the talent and skills of young people in the community while leading a culture that values young talent and the contribution they make to the team.

The vision would be achieved through the creation of a YEP for young people between 16-24 years of age who are keen to undertake a career in local government through a traineeship/apprenticeship.

The program has been designed to meet the diverse employment needs of local young people, and recognises the challenges posed by the current economic climate. It offers traineeships in several areas including business support, security IT, horticulture, engineering technical and irrigation

On 28 November 2022, seven young people commenced their careers in local government, taking the first step in their traineeship journey. The YEP trainees have joined a team of 790  staff that services approximately 140,000 residents across the community. A further four young people will start their traineeships after the summer break in January 2023.



Ashley Little, Executive Director Nudge, spoke about the value of creating a workforce for the future, “This program provides sustainable long-term options for local young people.  Nudge is excited to be part of its delivery and sharing the strong outcomes for the City, the young people and the broader community.”

On day one the trainees were officially welcomed by City of Rockingham Chief Executive Officer, Michael Parker, who said the launch of the program was an exciting day for the City.

“The YEP is a first of its kind initiative for the City that we hope to grow each year,” Mr Parker said.

“We look forward to watching our new trainees grow and develop in their respective roles through the YEP with support from expert Nudge mentors and the dedicated and experienced team of supervisors here at the City.

“Not only does the YEP give local young people the opportunity to gain vital on the job experience, it also enables the City to train and grow its own workforce.”










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