WesTrac’s Flexible Traineeships Transform Young Lives

group of people wearing high vis standing in the 'v' formation infront of 5 large trucks

Transforming young lives and enriching workplace culture with WesTrac’s flexible traineeship opportunities

group of people wearing high vis standing in the 'v' formation infront of 5 large trucks


Nudge have enjoyed a partnership with WesTrac since 2020. WesTrac is one of the largest authorised Cat equipment dealers in the world, providing a wide range of machinery and construction equipment as well as whole of life management solutions.

In October 2022, WesTrac partnered once again with Nudge to recruit young talent into Business Support roles within their People and Culture, and Operations Teams. Creating an employment ripple effect that both transforms young lives and enriches the WesTrac workplace culture.

Business support roles are a key part in successful project delivery, providing support to teams and adding value to organisations, enabling key decision makers to make more use of the company’s resources, so that they can develop tasks and activities in the pursuit of company objectives.

Individuals within these roles are often the team members that come to work each day with a solution focused mindset in the hope that they can make life a little easier for the team, the business, and the project.

The 2022 economic climate of Western Australia made it a tough time for employers to source and recruit talent, with the Australian unemployment levels being at their lowest since the 1970 as well as the plenitude of offerings available to young people kick starting their career. It was and remains important now more than ever, for employers to stand out from the crowd.

One of the ways that WesTrac chose to do this was to offer a flexible workplace for young trainees, providing applicants the opportunity to choose either a Part Time or Full Time Traineeship. By redefining the traineeship opportunity, it enables WesTrac to engage a larger audience, providing the best opportunity to source culturally aligned trainees for their team and their workforce of the future.

“Traineeships can provide amazing foundational skills and learning for an individual to then go on to have a successful career. We are so excited to again partner with Nudge and provide opportunities for learning and development across our Operations and People & Culture teams.
We want our traineeship opportunities to be accessible to everyone wanting to start their learning journey , and know that for many a full-time commitment just isn’t an option. So, we are offering WesTrac’s traineeship opportunities to be completed either full-time or part-time and are already impressed with the calibre of candidates we are seeing.”
Nikki Kelly, Diversity, Inclusion & Talent Manager | People & Culture, spoke of the value of traineeships and the need to think creatively when recruiting a new pool of talent.

Nudge value the opportunity to work with WesTrac giving young people seeking employment the opportunity to thrive, transforming lives, families, and communities.










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