Getting to know… The newest members of The Nudge Team

Over the past eight months, Nudge has welcomed three new members to the Service Delivery Team. We thought this would be a good time for you to get to know them and read up on how they’re going in the Nudge workplace.


Matt Paki

I’ve been at Nudge for 8 weeks now and since arriving I have been settling in to the work that Nudge embarks on, from a Service Delivery basis.

I come from an area in the North Island of New Zealand called the Waikato – famous for its river of the same name.  I attended boarding school and university in NZ, and moved to Perth with my wife, Lania, in May 2006.  Over the past 12 years we have welcomed three children into our lives, Arekahanara (6), Amaia (3) and Hakaraia (2) – they keep us busy!

I have worked in the areas of tertiary education – Māori and Aboriginal, International Education, Community Development and more recently, in Employment Services with a focus on people with disabilities.

“Impacting community” is what rings true of the work that Nudge undertakes.  I have been very impressed by the Nudge team and its work in transforming lives and hope for the people we engage. With my experience, personality and approach, my hope is that I can add value to impacting our communities even further.



Shahna Rind – Aboriginal Mentor & Facilitator 

I have been a part of the Nudge Team 8 months now. I have been mentoring young Aboriginal trainees and supporting them through their traineeships.

My ancestors are the Yamijti people from the Murchison Gascoyne area. My passion has always been to empower Aboriginal women and girls to set goals and believe in themselves to achieve those goals. My background is in teaching and lecturing and Community Engagement and Development.

I always aim to be a positive role model for my people as well as a social advocate and a voice for Aboriginal children, youth and the elderly. My main goal and passion at Nudge is to support young trainees so they can have great relationships with their managers and to complete their qualifications.



Sam Kimberley – Administration Assistant 

I have been at Nudge for the past 8 weeks, since then I have been providing support to the service delivery team. I am also in the process of completing a Certificate IV Business Traineeship.

I was born and raised south of Perth with my family of eight (Mum, Dad, three sisters and two brothers). I graduated from Kolbe Catholic College in 2015 and have recently started studying a Diploma in Marketing.

I have a passion for helping people and bringing laughter to groups to create enjoyment. Over the past 8 weeks at Nudge I have come to realise what we achieve has a positive impact on transforming lives, and it is something I thoroughly enjoy to do. I am hoping to be able to have a positive impact with what we do as a team and keep on contributing to help transform other people’s lives.


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