Time to reflect

We have officially reached the end of another financial year – which let’s be honest doesn’t really mark much of an occasion other than the excuse to go for lunch somewhere for most people.

What it does allow us to do is stop, reflect and look back at the last 12 months, get a true sense of what happened, what changed, what we did well and how that marries up to all the statistics and figures.

It is at this time of the year that the Nudge team gather all the relevant information and review how it happened, what we learnt, what we achieved and what we can do better.  This is a vital (and regular) process in the Nudge system.  Our work is all about people and needs to be flexible and accommodating (to a certain point) to ensure the right and best outcomes for all.

The past year has been the most productive in the 10+ year history of Nudge. We were able to help create lots of opportunities for employment and training of young, Aboriginal and disadvantaged people.  In addition, we have had some significant internal changes, to our process, our structures and our personnel, all whilst maintaining high quality service delivery.


Group photo of the participants who completed Traffic Management in Moora.

We continue to be proud of what Nudge stands for and what Nudge is able to achieve.  We continue to provide opportunities for people in our community who aren’t gaining access to training and employment through the traditional recruitment channels (for a variety of reasons) and working hard with them to maintain their employment once commenced.

Whilst the past year represents large growth, operationally and financially, from a service delivery point of view, it was also a period where Nudge was able to grow and provide input, advice and impact on policy development for contractors and government agencies.

As we begin a more rigorous and thorough review of the past year, we will be able to provide some clearer indication of the key indicators of success and achievement – including people placed and supported, diversity of culture and gender and retention of trainees.  All this information will be collated and circulated as part of the Nudge Annual Report, due out in the coming months.

Thank you to everyone that played a role within Nudge throughout the year and to all the employers, contractors, local government entities and government agencies that worked with and alongside Nudge to create some truly life-changing outcomes for the WA community.

I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Nudge team and staff, current and former – they are all a dedicated and committed bunch to the work carried out by Nudge. They continually go above and beyond in order to get the best results and outcomes – do what it takes in order to create an opportunity for someone in the community and make it work.  They embody the values and spirit of Nudge…they are Nudge.

Members of the Nudge team with Hon. Minister of Transport Rita Saffioti and Main Roads Managing Director Peter Woronzow

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