Nudge Trainee Journey | October

The Nudge Trainee Journey – NTJ an insight into trainee life in 2021.

The NTJ is our monthly update that looks at the working-lives of the amazing trainees.
Each month we will highlight a different trainee from various employers and industries and share their training journey, in their own words.

Nudge mentors will ask three questions to provide a snapshot into “trainee life” for those with aspirations or any interest in a traineeship, such as:

  • What it is like to be a trainee?
  • What aspirations do trainees have after a traineeship is completed?
  • Can I be a trainee?

Young people looking at a career through a traineeship pathway learn, listen and follow far better, if they have a peer to model from. So, that is the purpose of NTJ. To help empower young people, using the example of other young people who are living and working through a traineeship.

Welcome to the Nudge Trainee Journey – NTJ for October 2021. This month we highlight:
– Barbara Rankins
– Traineeship – Design and Graphic.

Barbara pictured at her desk.

Barbara is a Design and Graphic trainee with Crystal Print Solutions (CPS) based in Cannington, Perth. CPS are a one stop Printing Service Provider, and offer solutions of print procurement to revolutionise the way that businesses approach their printing requirements.

Barbara commenced her traineeship as a shy new-comer but has quickly learnt exciting new skill sets which have assisted with her self development and personal growth, as you will read,
she shares her journey thus far.

Q1. What two things / aspects have you enjoyed the most about the work/ traineeship so far?
1.Self development and my personal progress since I started the traineeship with Nudge. I have discovered self confidence and as a result, this has helped me as a person, as a trainee and as a work colleague.

2.Learning new skills, in particular graphic and design has been something I have enjoyed. The opportunities, techniques and learning from experienced people in the team have been great – its has sparked an interest for me – and I’m so thankful to them for help me out!

Q2. What is the biggest challenge of the work / traineeship for you?
My biggest challenge has been overcoming SHAME – and now, having the confidence to ask questions and ask for guidance. The confidence to speak up really hinders our mob, and at times for me, it still does, but now, doing a traineeship and having had a supportive team, I feel so much better to speak up.

So it has been my biggest challenge, but also, one of my greatest achievements to date, as well.

Q3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in the zone of managing my finances and having some savings to consider things like purchasing a car or looking into a house.

I would like my own laptop with a full design suite too, that would be great!

The Nov NTJ will highlight the Nudge Trainee Award winners for 2021!

Best wishes –
The Nudge Team


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