Nudging industry to improve Aboriginal Livelihood

Main Roads/ Nudge Collaboration- Aboriginal Employment Initiatives

Over the past 8 months Nudge has been leading a collaboration with Main Roads WA to develop a Strategic Business Case outlining the best methods to implement Aboriginal Employment Initiatives within the civil industry.  This business case was delivered in January 2018.

The project was focused on how the initiatives and actions taken within Main Roads, its contracts and subsequent contractors, improve Aboriginal livelihood in Western Australia.  This project was beyond simply including employment or business targets into contracts but focused on the timing and manner in which Aboriginal communities, businesses and people are engaged, consulted, included and empowered with the project planning and delivery process.  This requires moving outside the business as usual approach and seeking new ideas, actions and initiatives to deliver wholesome, real and quality outcomes for all involved.

Nudge’s role in the project was to develop the scope, lead the direction and focus of the engagement process, and manage the delivery and stakeholder engagement team.

One of the key outcomes of the process adopted for this Strategic Business Case, was that the inputs, ideas and actions developed for implementation were created and then endorsed by the Aboriginal communities across WA – an important and valuable approach.

The Aboriginal Employment Initiatives Strategic Business Case – available for consumption via the Nudge website (link) – outlines the plans and steps Main Roads is looking to implement into its business and practices in the coming months and years (short and long term).


Given the integral role Nudge played in developing the overall Business Case and the ongoing discussion with communities across WA, we are well placed to support contractors, businesses and employers of all sizes in developing their own approach to meet these new needs and goals.

If you would like to discuss further on how you can be addressing these needs, please contact Ami Kitchingman, Manager Partnerships,

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