2018 in full swing

2018 has begun with gusto and the Nudge team are working hard with new and existing trainees and employers. 2017 saw an influx of new roles throughout the different areas of industry we support, predominantly in the mining, finance, administration and civil areas. With successfully graduating trainees last year and the continued or new support of 33 trainees by Nudge in 2018 across many locations in WA, it has been a busy and exciting time.


As part of the increased spotlight on Aboriginal engagement and employment through the new Main Roads Rural Network Contracts, the successful contractor in the Wheatbelt/Midwest region- Lendlease, engaged Nudge at the end of last year to source, prepare and support 2 new Aboriginal Civil Construction Trainees- one based in Northam and one based in Narrogin. Through our intensive sourcing process, based off of our community engagement model, we looked at additional resources within the community and managed to secure 3 additional employees for Lendlease through the process that they have taken on in the team as full-time staff roles. This is an excellent outcome for both Lendlease and the local community and has seen a strong integration into these communities for these 5 year contracts.


As part of the Nudge preparing process, we ran Engaging with your Aboriginal Employee workshops at both locations with supervisors, leading hands and crews to prepare them for the cultural differences of working with an Aboriginal person, to prepare the workforce and the whole Lendlease team to be inclusive and culturally aware with their new employees. This was a great learning experience for all as it is training that has multiple benefits for both the employer group, current employees and any new people coming into the business.


Nudge are also currently assisting with additional support services for upskilling the current workforce via traineeships in both regions, seeing current employees being upskilled in their roles to either be better equipped to do these roles or be managed up into new areas in the future.


We are looking forward to a busy and exciting 2018, working with existing and new clients to see further training and employment outcomes within WA.

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