White Collar Traineeships

Nudge are white collar traineeship experts, with an industry leading 93% retention rate. We Source the right people through community engagement; Prepare candidates with tailored work readiness training; Support employers and employees throughout the entire traineeship journey.

Nudge can:

  • Assist with sourcing, preparing and supporting trainees – metro or regionally based
  • Establish an Accredited training program to upskill your employees with nationally recognised qualifications.


  • We Source local applicants for roles and can assist you to meet employment targets. We work with the local community, providing advice and education around the different training pathways that are available to senior students and post school youth, and partner with all community organizations striving for employment for youth and Aboriginal people.


  • Tailored work readiness training, which is designed to prepare the trainees for the workplace, but also allows us to assess their LLN, communication and teamwork skills, support systems, and general wellbeing.


The Nudge team assess on a case by case basis the level of support required and put together a support program that will assist with achieving high levels of retention for the duration of the traineeship, including elements of:

  • Comprehensive one on one support and mentoring for the employee
  • After hours family support and pastoral care for the employee
  • Support for supervisors, managers and team leaders
  • Coordination and administration of formal training activities and the training contract
  • Access to an Aboriginal Employee Assistance Program
  • Tailored workshops on Engaging with Aboriginal Employees run on site for management/supervisors/internal trainers and others as required
  • A formal mentoring program utilising your staff and embedded within your organisation
  • Working with apprentices and trainees workshops


You may need some or all of the services provided at varying stages of the trainee’s journey. The Nudge team constantly evaluate and modify the service we provide to ensure at all times the employer and the trainee continue to thrive and grow.

Traineeship pathways:

  • Business Certificate III/IV
  • Business Administration Certificate III/IV
  • Marketing and Communications III/IV
  • Financial Services Certificate III/IV