A story of success with Quality Traffic Management

Photo of the QTM team and trainee Michael (2nd from the right).

Quality Traffic Management (QTM) is highly experienced in the fields of traffic management design and installation; and traffic signal, street lighting and ITS installation, upgrading and modification.

They came to Nudge with a very unique opportunity for a young person to take up a 6 year Roadworks Traffic Manager Traineeship position. This was an entry level role where the young person would be skilled into becoming a Traffic Management Planner then eventually progress into a Main Roads WA accredited Roadworks Traffic Manager. There are less than 20 people specialised in this field in WA, so we had our work cut out for us but we knew that the Nudge model would work and that we would be able to find QTM the right fit for their team.

We talked to Associate Director, Todd Bendall about working with the Nudge team.

  • How did you hear about Nudge?

Our Managing Director was provided with information from the Civil Contractors Federation about a provider who helps find trainees in our niche environment.

  • What were you looking for when you came to Nudge for assistance?

A partner to help us source suitable, young, enthusiastic candidates which may be of a diverse background, but most importantly is a good fit for our team in a traineeship type role.

  • What steps had you already taken in trying to find a young person yourselves?

We had approached schools, TAFE’s and colleges about careers for potential students but struggled to garner interest. We had placed adverts on job placement sites including those aimed at Indigenous employment.

  • How was the Nudge way of sourcing the right people through community engagement and then preparing them for the opportunity different to what you had experienced before?

We have only ever hired through our internal HR processes which are basic at best. At least with Nudge, the onboarding process ensures that candidates are fully aware of what they are applying for, are committed, and the job readiness program ensures that they bring the right skills to the job prior to even having a formal job interview with us.

  • What was the end result for QTM?

We employed what we see as being a perfect candidate. Someone who has the personality we had asked for, an eagerness to learn and the work ethic of someone well beyond his years. We are extremely pleased with Michael and the team enjoy having him in the workplace. The support through the process gave us confidence that even before his first day, we were going to get the right person.

  • Final thoughts?

The process undertaken by Nudge is not like any other that we have seen on the market. We could have gone to a recruitment agency as an option however none offer the ongoing support and focus on the young and disadvantaged that Nudge do. The vetting of candidates and the process undertaken gives us confidence to use Nudge again.

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