Nudge and Forest Products Commission Relationship

The relationship between the Forest Products Commission (FPC) and Nudge has proven to be a great success over the past 2+ years. In the middle of 2018, FPC engaged Nudge to source and support four trainees as part of their Inaugural Aboriginal Traineeship Program. The trainees were to join their teams in Perth (1 x Communications trainee) and Bunbury (1 x Business Trainee & 2 x Conservation Land Management trainees).

The four Inaugural trainees that were successfully selected were:

  • Nikita Procter, Communications Trainee (Perth)
  • Eliza Crowe, Business Trainee (Bunbury)
  • Jade Riley, Conservation Trainee (Bunbury)
  • Karl Collard, Conservation Trainee (Bunbury)

Throughout their traineeship journey, Nikita, Eliza, Jade and Karl displayed excellent work ethics and traits to take full advantage of the opportunity with FPC. Each of them working diligently and picking up tasks quickly. They also worked hard on their respective traineeship studies, gaining valuable insights to the theory and its application within their work-spaces.

Nudge Mentor, Matt Paki mentioned, “Each individual FPC trainee engaged, listened and learned from those who supervised and taught them – taking ownership and an interest in their traineeship pathway, and in the business of FPC – each have come through challenges, and risen to the occasion to succeed and progress – it has been a pleasure to witness their growth and development – long may it continue”.

Forest Products Team at the 2020 Nudge Sundowner. (left to right) Amanda Reeve – Business Application Coordinator, Eliza Crowe – Business Trainee, Jade Riley – Conservation Trainee and Nikita Procter – Communications Trainee.

Highlights over the past 2+ years include:

  • All four trainees completing their qualifications.
  • Communications Trainee, Nikita Procter winning the 2020 Nudge Clerical Trainee of the Year award.
  • Forest Products Commission Bunbury winning the 2020 Nudge Team of the Year award.
  • Great relationships established between the Nudge mentors, staff and trainees. Matt Paki has built a strong relationship with the trainees and staff which resulted in excellent collaboration.

These are just some of the many highlights that Nudge are proud to have achieved thus far with the FPC.

Please keep up to date with Nudge next week as we announce exciting traineeship opportunities on offer with the Forest Products Commission in the Bunbury and Goldfields area.

Forest Products Commission Trainees being acknowledged.

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