The Nudge Good News Series – Ralph Mogridge

As highlighted previously the Nudge mentors are doing a fantastic job adapting and reinventing how we engage in the current circumstances, respecting social distancing, by mentoring remotely through virtual processes.

Nudge mentor, Ralph Mogridge has a huge passion for supporting Indigenous Youth, he has extensive experience, knowledge and a proven track record working positively with Aboriginal people, youth and children which spans over 28 years.

We asked Ralph a few questions regarding his passion for mentoring as well as mentoring in the current circumstances. Please read his comments below:

  1. What are the things that you enjoy about mentoring? I love helping people get into employment and watching them and their families grow positively in all areas of their lives. Eventually leading to home ownership and financial independence.This is what employment achieves when the opportunity is fully taken advantage of.
  1. What are the challenges of mentoring? The challenges are fully engaging with some mentees in helping to see the full long term benefits for not just themselves, but setting great positive examples for their children and their children…..long into the future!!!
  2. How is mentoring going with current circumstances regarding COVID-19? How have you had to adapt? Mentoring is sometimes difficult in the best of times, however during the current situation, it is even more difficult with everyone wanting to do the right thing and looking after their families and themselves.We have adapted by using a range of methods to connect with trainees – using video chat and messages to stay connected and support the trainees when needed. Its been a challenge but full credit to the young people for embracing the changes and still being open to sharing how they and their families are going.

For info on how Nudge can provide mentoring and support to your trainees and employees please contact (08) 9323 6378.

Ralph Mogridge (left) alongside Dekan John-Furnace, Civil Construction Trainee at BMD.

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