The Nudge Good News Series – Matt Paki

As mentioned recently, the Nudge mentors have had to adapt and reinvent how we engage in the past few months, the mentors have done a fantastic job to support trainees and employers while respecting social distancing or mentoring remotely through virtual processes.

Nudge mentor, Matt Paki is a Maori man of the Waikato people of the central North Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. He has worked extensively in Tertiary Education (Aust and NZ); Government (State and Federal); Employment & Youth Services and has broad experience of mentoring Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal trainees and youth over the past 16 years.

We asked Matt a few question regarding Mentoring:

1.What are the things that you enjoy re: Mentoring
I enjoy talking to people, hearing about the things they want in their lives. Mentoring, to me, is reciprocal. It’s not entirely about a mentor knowing all the answers, it’s about communication and being there for a trainee / young person / mentee and navigating together, through the demands of employment and developing into a good trainee / employee.

2.What are the challenges of mentoring?
There are many challenges with mentoring – there are tangible things, such as being physically available; to be there and to be seen (and offer something in support) / and the intangible things of being genuine and true to your word. I treat all people I engage with, either in person or through other forms of communication, with respect – even if there are challenges and negatives aspects. The positive aspects of mentoring far outweigh any challenges, in my opinion.

3.How is mentoring going with current circumstances regarding COVID-19? How have you had to adapt?
Mentoring has certainly been different over the past few months – due to the impacts of Covid on us all. We have all had to adapt through using other forms of communication and technology to meet and engage. Video conferencing and seeing people in their home environments has been one adaption, seeing that real human side, and connecting to trainees in their homes allows a mentor to see the person holistically (and for them to see me as well – I’m a dad of three under 8 year olds, so my house is a hive of activity!) – so this has been good. I have been impressed by the trainees and their dedication, commitment, drive, tenacity and resolve toward their traineeships and work duties over this time – they are all amazing!

For info on how Nudge can provide mentoring and support to your trainees and employees please contact (08) 9323 6378.

Matt Paki, Nudge Mentor

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