Nudge Sundowner & Training Awards 2021

Nudge is about making an impact – however big or small –lasting and meaningful for all those associated (employers, trainees, community, staff).  The annual Nudge Sundowner & Training Awards is the opportunity each year to celebrate that impact and achievements.  Over 120 people from 49 various organisations gathered at The Camfield on Wednesday 17th November for this premier event on the Nudge calendar.

Those in attendance were fortunate to hear from two former Nudge trainees (Cynthia Nelly and Jayden Ugle) and former Nudge Award Winners, about their respective trainee journeys.  This powerful sharing highlighted the impacts of good support and encouragement from employers and Nudge, as well as resilience, courage and determination from the trainees themselves.  The synergy, positive energy and team-work between trainees, employers and Nudge creates positive futures, robust, strong trainees / employees and better communities – and these impacts change lives.

Once again, one of the highlights of the night was the presentation of the 2021 Nudge Training Awards. The awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding efforts of those employers and trainees over the past year. The recipients of the awards this year were:

  • Team of the Year – TOMRA
  • Employer of the Year – Crystal Printing Solutions
  • Local Government of the Year – The City of Swan
  • Clerical Trainee of the Year (Dual Winners): Brittney-Anne Turvey (Leeuwin Civil) and Calli-Rose Woods (City of Bayswater)
  • Technical Trainee of the Year (Dual Winners): Troy Garlett (Armadale Access Alliance) and Jeremy Atkinson (Delta Corporation)

Nudge Executive Director, Ashley Little, acknowledged the Nudge staff for their tireless efforts, commitment and dedication for making the impact of Nudge so strong again throughout the year. Ash emphasised the value and importance of strong partnerships in order to continue delivering impact for employers, trainees/apprentices and the community.

Another successful year for Nudge as we continue to create opportunities to change lives in the WA community. For more info on how to work with Nudge, please contact on 9323 6373.

To read the 2021 Nudge Impact Report please click here

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