Nudge Trainee Journey | February

The Nudge Trainee Journey – NTJ an insight into trainee life 2021.

The NTJ is a new monthly update that looks at the working-lives of amazing trainees.  Each month we will highlight a different trainee from various employers and industries and share their training journey, in their words.

The Nudge mentors will ask three (3) questions to give a snapshot into “trainee life”, for those with aspirations or an interest in what a traineeship is all about.

  1. What it is like to be a trainee?
  2. What aspirations do trainees have after a traineeship is completed?
  3. Can I be a trainee?

Young people looking at a career pathway through a traineeship learn (listen and follow), if they have a peer to model from.

So, this is the purpose of NTJ.  To empower young people, using the example of other young people who are living and working through a traineeship.

Rakeam Jones and Nudge Chair, Ross Holt at the 2020 Nudge Sundowner & Training Awards.

The first Nudge Trainee Journey – NTJ for February 2021 is:

  • Rakeam Jones | 20 years old
  • Traineeship – Civil Construction

Rakeam is a civil construction trainee who has enjoyed two traineeship placements, initially with BMD on the Kwinana Freeway extension and currently with Armadale Access Alliance (Laing O’Rourke) on the Cockburn over bridge project.

Rakeam is a fine footballer, who enjoys training and keeping fit.  He also enjoys spending time with his partner and family.  The feedback from those who supervise Rakeam highlight his willingness to learn, his dedication to completing assigned tasks and always striving to do his very best in everything he does.

In 2020 Rakeam was co-winner of the Nudge Technical Trainee of the Year Award 2020, this was a testament to his work ethic and attitude.

Recently Rakeam shared with mentor Matt Paki, his views on his traineeship journey so far.

Q1. What two things / aspects have you enjoyed the most about the work and traineeship so far?

  1. “Working with the work-crew and comrades and their willingness to teach, share and encourage us younger crew to learn new things – this is from supervisors to leading hands. It has been both interesting and challenging.”
  2. “I love how inclusive this work environment is – we are seen as people and work mates, contributing to the project and that is such a good feeling.”

Q2. What is the biggest challenge of the work / traineeship for you?

“It’s not really a challenge, but sometimes, as an independent worker, when I get given a task, I sometimes feel pressure to live up to what is expected of me – I do enjoy it, but for a split second, I sometimes find that expectation challenging, however it also drives me”. Rakeam Jones (2021)

Q3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In terms of career – I want to be a leading hand or even a supervisor – I have those aspirations and they drive me.  I also want to get on to the machinery and look at projects and work done from the operator perspective, I think that would be awesome”.  “Personally – in 5 years, I want my own home and to also to be managing my debt and money well.” Rakeam Jones (2021)

Thank you for reading our first NTJ and a special thanks to Rakeam for sharing his insight.

Be sure to check back with us in March for the next NTJ !

Best wishes,

The Nudge Team

Rakeam Jones, AAA Civil Trainee.

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