The Recipe for Traineeship Success

At Nudge, we create an employment ripple effect that transforms young lives and enriches workplaces, building capabilities, confidence and thriving workplace cultures.

An example is Shenay Mew, supported by Nudge Shenay commenced at Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) in January 2017 to undertake a Certificate III and IV Business Administration traineeship within the Training Department. Upon completing her traineeship in January 2019, Shenay was offered the Training Services Support Officer full-time position.

Earlier this year Shenay was promoted to the Training Administration Coordinator position “My role is to manage the scheduling and set up of all of our courses, oversee the admission and enrolment process of students, confirm trainers/assessors and their travel needs, maintain our Student Management System through accurate data collection, prepare regular financial and data reports for Management and supervise two admin support roles.”

Shenay is very proud of her employment journey and encourages young people to consider a traineeship pathway “A traineeship is an amazing opportunity to learn a new set of skills, get valuable workplace experience, gain confidence and build your communication skills. I believe it is important to look beyond the lower wage as it is a great entry opportunity for a career.”

Grateful for the opportunities WALGA has provided Shenay mentioned “Investing in a trainee could build an asset for your organisation. In particular, if you mentor and nurture the relationship, it also is an opportunity to bring new skills and a fresh view into your organisation, particularly around the use of technology.”

Nudge is very proud of what Shenay has achieved to date and excited for her future. Thank you to WALGA for the opportunities you provide to young people to help kickstart their careers.

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